Bleisure: the new trend for business trips

Business or Leisure trip… why not both?

A little bit leisure, a little bit business, Bleisure is the new trend for travellers: joining useful to delightful using the business trip to have fun, too.

Young people and women are more and more attracted by this new kind of tourism and right now 1 to 5 business travellers are using it, and the member is constantly growing, as from the survey pubblished by american magazine Travel Weekly in his Travel Weekly’s 2016 Consumer Trends report.

Source:Travel Weekly

Is the way of travelling changing?

Surely, even if the reason for Bleisure si growing so fast is not clear. Maybe the the way of working is changed and the border with holidays is no more so clean-cut or maybe the simple concept of travel is changed. 50% of the business travellers add Saturday to their working trip, while 34% prefers to anticipate the arrival at destination and to focus to duty on in a second time.
Art, culture, fashion and study, too, every holidays can be the occasion to deepen your interest or to visit and art town. The anagraphic profile of travellers and the trip destination have a key role because the youngest are much disposed to travel, while after 35 years old the family obligations take place.
The destination has a key role, too. Farther is the trip, easier is to be attracted by Bleisure, that’s way american magazine Forbes has drawn up a ranking of 150 countries with the best business opportunity, with Switzerland and New Zealand at the first places.

How is changing the touristic offer?

Bleisure is a tendency that more and more will grow in the next years and the the touristic sector has to prepare himself properly. Our Residence Fogazzaro, for example, is the ideal place for a working stay that offers to the businessman the opportunity to enjoy what the town offers, due to his strategic and central position. To match the Bleisure travellers needs, we have created a specific section on our website that collects useful links, information and advice to visit Monza, to make every trip simply unforgettable.


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